Axpire: The Fund Administration Space Leader

A ton of new coins are being introduced in the form of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) every single day.

And the truth is, most ICOs suck. Which is bad news for the people who invest in them.

That’s why it’s smart to look into a company before you buy into what they stand for.

Luckily, the folks behind aXpire seem to know what they’re doing. You won’t have to worry about buying into a company that doesn’t have the resources to reach their goals.

But does that mean that they’re worth your investment? Will aXpire be the next big coin making waves?

Will aXpire be just as successful as other undervalued coins, like ECC?

Well, anything is possible. Especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.

But what does the aXpire platform (and coin) aim to accomplish in the first place?

What is aXpire?

aXpire was founded in January of 2017 and is headquartered in Manhattan.

The company is a cloud-based payment processing company enabled by AI and blockchain technology.

The goal of the project is to revolutionize fund administration services and provide transparency to spend management by using blockchain technology to make the process more efficient.

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The company’s suite of applications will connect those working in:

  • Legal
  • Compliance / Regulatory
  • Fund Accounting
  • Administration
  • Finance

The company’s overall objective is to help fund managers and administrators at hedge funds, banks, or private equity firms manage resources and better organize their businesses.

Blockchain technology can help them do that. To date, aXpire has already partnered with huge companies like R3 and Microsoft to help make their software.

They’ve even been admitted into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

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To invest in aXpire, you’ll need to purchase aXpire (AXP) tokens.

The ICO for the token began on January 8, 2018, and ended on January 12, 2018, when the company reached their $20 million hard cap.

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To buy AXP on exchanges, you can use any BTC/ETC wallet.

Sign up for an aXpire account, enter the address that you want to send the AXP tokens to, and select either “pay with Ether” or “pay with Bitcoin” at checkout.

Once you purchase tokens, you’ll need a wallet that is compatible with ERC20 coins, like MyEtherWallet, to store them on.

You can also purchase AXP on supporting exchanges, like KuCoin.

Both the coin and the platform have the potential for huge growth. Here’s why.

Why aXpire Has Huge Potential

AXP is a decentralized app token on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s an ERC 223 token – which is an advanced version of the ERC20 standard.

The aXpire network is an open source network, meaning that it’s available to users for no cost.

And compared to similar platforms of it’s kind, aXpire is packed full of unique features like AI.

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Software designed by the aXpire team will use blockchain technology to help financial managers and administrators better organize their work.

The application will allow these professionals to create a digital connection to every important department that could help boost the efficiency of their company.

A bank could use it to link administrative, finance, legal, fund account, and regulatory offices together to help management run a seamless, organized experience for all.

This could help to replace manual workflow with digital workflow. aXpire allows for the digital creation of PDF and Excel documents, which could reduce operational costs.

The platform can also help to track and manage tasks, help with digital audits, deliver data, and enhance the entire system overall.

Put simply, aXpire software allows for a workplace to become fully connected and efficient, which makes things a lot less complicated (and keeps costs down).

The company plans to release the aXpire product at the end of their first quarter in 2018.

Up until at least the middle of 2019, improvements and new developments will be made to the platform. By then, the most important features of the app should be added to the service.

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Vendors will be eligible to use AXP tokens for e-bidding on expense contracts or e-procurement.

The platform also allows clients to enter jobs, and invoices are payable via AXP. If vendors want to submit invoices, they must pay in AXP to cover the base fees for their transactions.

Not many people seem to know about the aXpire platform just yet. The aXpire Telegram page has just over 7,500 members.

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On Reddit, there are only 784 readers about the coin and platform.

And when it comes to Facebook, only a little over 600 people like or follow aXpire’s page.

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If aXpire’s value skyrockets, this is a good thing for those who buy in early. If you believe in aXpire and the AXP coin, buying in while it’s still relatively unknown is a great idea.

If you’re looking to support a decentralized service, as most people interested in cryptocurrencies are, aXpire meets the mark.

They offer differentiated security and reduce the incentive for cybersecurity threats by using the AXP token.

Since all transactions are made on the blockchain, there’s a trail that provides value without reporting processes, compliance, or auditing required to understand profitability data.

For example, regulated hedge funds have to report any fund expenses to the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

Users of the aXpire software can view company spend data in real time so that reporting and sending in this data is a breeze.

With financial scandals rising, these features can also help keep attacks at bay by adding an extra layer of security to all transactions.

Here’s why aXpire could be an undervalued token.

Why aXpire is Undervalued

Expensive and time-consuming procedures can become a thing of the past for bank, hedge fund, or private equity firm administrators thanks to aXpire.

But it’s a relatively unknown coin that can be pretty tricky to buy.

Because of this, costs are monumentally low for this coin as of right now.

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But this could change quickly. Especially once the aXpire platform officially goes live and continues to be developed and improved.

The value of the aXpire technology could be huge because it simplifies such a complicated process.

On the platform, e-billing and validation are automatic. Bills are automatically assigned to the reviewer, reviewed, and sent over to account services validation.

Payment data is then collated automatically and sent out to payment systems and data analytics/visualizations.

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Since aXpire isn’t a startup company just learning the ropes, it’s probably a safe bet that you can trust them and buy crypto from them.

This company is backed by industry giants like Microsoft to develop software that has the potential to be revolutionary.

Because of this, your chances of profiting off of investing in aXpire and the AXP coin are pretty high.

They’ve already worked with big-name clients like Nike, Ace Hardware, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Intel.

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If huge brands like these can trust aXpire, you can too.

As of right now, it appears that the only exchanges with AXP listed are KuCoin and Idex.

On KuCoin, there is an AXP/BTC trading pair and an AXP/ETH trading pair. With Idex, only an AXP/ETH trading pair is offered.

But it’s best to grab your AXP while this token is still undervalued. As more exchanges add this coin, its value will only increase.


The aXpire platform is an AI-enabled and cloud-based blockchain payment processing company aiming to remove the manual processes involved in digital spend management.

The company is backed by AXP tokens, which can be bought through the aXpire platform.

AXP tokens will probably become more valuable in the future because aXpire is backed by big-name developers like Microsoft.

The company has already worked with giant brands like Coca-Cola and IBM, so you can trust that they’re doing something right.

The platform has the potential to completely change the world of fund administration and management.

It doesn’t have a huge crowd behind it just yet, but that could change once the platform officially launches.

And as more exchanges add the AXP coin, the value will probably go up.

This coin could be a good option for both flipping and long-term holding, but it’s important that you do your own research into the token and software that it backs.

Do you plan to invest in aXpire and AXP? Why or why not?

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