What Can You Buy With Bitcoin

Today, the majority of people who purchase Bitcoin do so as an investment strategy. They treat it similarly to stocks, with the goal of earning money as their coins’ value fluctuate.

But considering that Bitcoin is technically a form of currency, you may be wondering whether you can actually spend it.

And the answer is yes — but the places at which you can spend it are fairly limited.

So if you have coins burning up your Bitcoin Wallet, keep reading to learn what, exactly, you can buy with Bitcoin, both at major retailers and with more unusual types of purchases.

Major retailers that accept Bitcoin

Over the past few years, several major merchants have started to accept Bitcoin as payment.

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As of today, the list of stores at which you can spend your digital currency includes:

  • Microsoft
  • Overstock.com
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Newegg
  • Dish Network

Of course, these are all large corporations — and it stands to reason that they have the financial resources to experiment with accepting alternative payment options.

But as Bitcoin continues to become a more mainstream concept and currency, the infrastructure needed to accept it as payment will improve.

Video game platforms that accept Bitcoin

Beyond the retailers listed above, there are several major video game platforms that accept Bitcoin as payment.

And when you consider that many of these games take place entirely online, this makes sense.

One of the first platforms to accept Bitcoin as payment was Xbox in 2014.

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Today, gamers can also make purchases using Bitcoin on PlayStation Network, Steam, Humble Bumble, Big Fish Games, Green Man Gaming, and Zynga.

Travel companies that accept Bitcoin

Although it makes sense that many of the early adopters of Bitcoin payment were tech companies, it may surprise you to learn that many companies within the travel industry now accept digital currency.

Today, one of the biggest names in travel, Expedia, accepts Bitcoin as payment through Coinbase.

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Other booking sites, including Webjet and CheapAir, have also started to allow users to pay for their flights and other tickets in Bitcoin.

In fact, there are now a few travel companies that work specifically with Bitcoin-funded travel arrangements. Bitcoin Travel and Travel for Coins both help users find travel companies that accept Bitcoin and make their travel plans using only digital currency.

Finally, it’s worth noting that space travel company Virgin Galactic will accept Bitcoin for trips into space.

Donating to charity with Bitcoin

If you have experience exchanging Bitcoin for cash, you know that the process involves transaction fees.

One of the best ways to avoid these fees is by donating your coins directly to a charity that accepts them.

Although many non-profits have yet to start accepting Bitcoin, you can find a list of verified organizations in this Bitcoin wiki.

How to buy gift cards with Bitcoin

Many users opt to buy Bitcoin by selling gift cards.

As a result, it’s easy to purchase gift cards with your Bitcoin — making this the most straightforward way to spend your coins at most major retailers.

You can purchase gift cards on most major Bitcoin exchanges, as well as on sites like eGifter, Gyft, and Instagift.

Unusual ways of spending Bitcoins

The methods listed above are by far the most common ways to spend Bitcoins.

But if you’re looking for another way to make a purchase with your coins, there are a few other innovative businesses you can turn to.

First, a few food retailers have started accepting Bitcoin as payment. The most notable of these is Subway, but you can also spend your coins at this tavern in London, this pub in Sydney, and this diner in Tokyo.

You can also order pizza delivery using PizzaforCoins.

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But the options aren’t limited to food.

In fact, some car dealerships, like now accept Bitcoin — like the one where Peter Saddington purchased a Lamborghini with 45 of them in 2017.

This was equal to $200,000 USD — and all thanks to his early interest in Bitcoin.

In November 2011, when a single Bitcoin cost $2.52, he bought over 1,000 of them. But by late 2017, the value had increased so much that he was able to purchase a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan with just 45 of them.

peter saddington 1

If you do the math, this means that the car cost Saddington less than $115.

But the possibilities don’t stop there.

If you’re looking for more unusual ways to spend your Bitcoin, you can purchase Mavericks tickets, plastic surgery from bodySCULPT, caskets from this St. Paul funeral home, Rolex watches from JavyEstrella.com, mattresses from GhostBed, and even real estate.


At this point, Bitcoin is largely used as an investment, and not a form of payment.

But if you’re interested in purchasing goods and services with your coins, there are companies who accept them in their stores and online.

And the range of industries those companies fall into is fairly impressive.

Whether you want to order a pizza, plan a vacation, or reserve a trip to space, you can now pay in Bitcoin — and there’s no telling how these options will continue to increase in the coming years.