ECC – The Next 50x Coin? Criminally Undervalued Opportunity

Almost everyday, people are posting on r/cryptocurrency asking the most undervalued coins. The comments are full of people shilling their bags – some are actually decent but most are garbage.  “Great team, awesome tech, great community, cheap price, low supply” The usual B.S.

In this post, I’d like to share a true gem that I believe is a major sleeper and has real potential to 50x by the end of the year. 

I will present to you exactly WHY I believe 50x is totally achievable and I suggest you DYOR (do your own research) and come to your own well reasoned conclusion rather than blindly buying it because some random guy on the internet said so.

How I Discovered ECC

I first came across ECC when I was browsing Coinmarketcap for low market cap coins with potential to multiply at least 10x. After researching and doing due diligence on dozens of coins, ECC was the one that caught my attention. It reminded me a lot of XRB (Raiblocks), which I bought at around $0.33 last year. I scooped up 2 BTC worth of XRB, and it has 100x’d since then.

To be perfectly transparent, I do own ECC because I believe in it. I’ve been buying almost every dip after discovering this massively undervalued coin.

So let me explain exactly what ECC is, and why I think it’s undervalued and will 50x before the end of this year.

What is ECC

ECC is a next-generation blockchain that uses mesh networks (independent side-chains) to achieve network consensus and scalability.

Now what the hell does that actually mean?

Think Ethereum-like confirmation times (less than 1 minute) minus the congestion during high demand ICOs and kitty-trading.

Even better, ECC is more than just another digital currency. It’s a multi-layered blockchain that sets up the foundation for many other cool applications, like file storage, messaging and mail. Think ARDR, but instead of multiple tokens, you can transact on network with only one coin and side chains.

In a nutshell, I think the biggest reason ECC will be massive is this:

ECC will have actual utility beyond just coins in a digital wallet and will be easier for the mainstream to adopt than 99% of the cryptocurrencies out there. See, most normies have trouble digesting the idea of digital currencies. Most cryptocurrencies are confusing to your average Joe (See #1 below). So mass/easier adoption = higher demand = higher price.

Here’s a comparison of ECC versus similar projects:

See, the ECC team (who I will share more about later on) is building a few initial applications on top of the ECC chain.

These applications are what will drive the adoption and massive demand, resulting in big gains. These are the specific applications ECC’s team is focused on:

1. Address Name Service (ANS)

Right now almost every cryptocurrency wallet address is identified via a public key (ie: 02a1633cafcc01ebfb6d78e39f687a1f0995c62fc95f51ead10a02ee0be551b5dc). This ensures transactions are sent to the correct party, yet they’re hard to memorize or give out to others for receipt of payments (can you imagine typing that on your phone or even on the computer?!).

This is a big reason why cryptocurrency is still not “mainstream” yet. Most non-techy people do not understand and are very confused by the concept of public keys and personal wallets, yet most people are very familiar with the idea of “usernames.”

ECC solves this public key problem with its ANS (Address Name Service), which maps a chosen “username” to a wallet address.

So if your ECC wallet address was 02a1633cafcc01ebfb6d78e39f687a1f0995c62fc95f51ead10a02ee0be551b5dc, you can set up your ANS to be “Jake1990,” and people can send payment directly to “Jake1990.”

Similar to how domain names made the internet more accessible to the masses, ECC’s ANS will be easier to use than most other cryptocurrencies. It’s exactly why newbies flock to Coinbase over Gemini (a superior exchange IMO). Because Coinbase is both newbie and user friendly!

2. Decentralized File Storage 

Perhaps the most ambitious feature of ECC is its decentralized file storage application.

Currently data storage is centralized within major companies like Google, Amazon or Dropbox. These companies have 100% access to your data and will sell them to data brokers, advertisers, and government agencies (you gave these companies your consent to do so when you signed up, it’s in the terms and conditions).i

ECC aims to split files into pieces (encrypted) and save them across various hosts (holders of ECC) to make sure they’re always available and safe. Even if someone does get a hold of your files, it would take a hundred years from them to unencrypt it, if even possible.

Anyone can volunteer to become a host by offering up storage space on their computer and get paid in return.

Let’s take a look at current blockchain file storage projects and their marketcaps:

  • Siacoin: $1.3 Billion market cap
  • Storj: $207 million market cap
  • Maidsafe coin: $300 million market cap

At the time of writing, ECC is under $55 million market cap. I have no doubt it will catch up to Storj within 3-4 months (since its side chains make it more scalable than Storj’s Ethereum based network). That alone would give a solid 4x return.

3.Completely Private Messaging App

The third main initial application of ECC is decentralized censorship-resistant messaging. It’s pretty obvious by now that governments are spying on our messages and internet activity. Plus, internet companies are selling our data to advertisers for profit. With the repeal of net neutrality in the US, censorship is about to get worse while privacy will continue to be reduced.

Even “secure” messaging apps like Telegram are not completely private because every message is still stored on their servers.

(You might be thinking, “I don’t care about governments and big corporations spying on me because I have nothing to hide.” My rebuttal is asking you, “Well would you share all of your emails with the public?” If not then, you do value privacy!)

ECC solves this privacy and censorship problem by creating a completely decentralized, encrypted instant messaging app- which later can be applied to email.

An Invaluable Driver of ECC’s Price

The number one reason why I’m bullish on ECC (besides its vision and roadmap) is the community. Sounds cliche, but a strong, organically created community is one of the biggest drivers of success.

Nowadays, we see ICOs popping up left and right, raising tens of millions of dollars and not delivering on expected promising. Or even worse, exit scamming their investors.

The best projects that survive in the long term are ones backed by strong communities, not any centralized “company”. Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum among others have risen to the top 10 digital currencies and more importantly, stayed at the top, because of their communities.

Passionate communities will continue to push their coins forward even when financial incentives are gone. Why? Because the developers and supporters actually believe in the vision of their project, rather than trying to make a quick buck.

Censorship resistant messaging, decentralized data storage, mass adoption of cryptocurrencies – these are strong values and will push ECC to new highs in the long term. After all, they are aligned with Bitcoin’s values (decentralized currency) which has pushed Bitcoin to new highs despite numerous hacks, government bans, mainstream media attacks, etc.

The Story Behind ECC – How a Failure Resulted in One of the Most Innovative Blockchain Projects

Understanding the history and story of ECC will help you realize the potential of this coin. I will summarize the major points and you can draw your own conclusions:

ECC was founded a few years ago and the original founder lost interest and abandoned the project. The community “died” and was resurrected in 2014 when legendary developer Greg Griffith stepped in and continued to push the project forward.

According to Griffith, he decided to build off of ECC rather than creating a new blockchain from scratch because ECC already had a lot of the features he wanted (a POW/POS hybrid).

Soon, Griffith built the ECC team to 9 active developers, who are unpaid (again, motivated by passion, not profits) and very active on Slack and github. If you take a look at the ECC Github you’ll see a lot of recent commits – very different than vaporware ICOs popping up left and right these days.

Currently, the project is led by Greg Griffith and Bruno Alano who has one of the most impressive development resumes I’ve ever come across.

Now here’s something about ECC that most non-community members don’t realize, that makes it undervalued: According to CMC, the circulating supply of ECC is 25 Billion.

However, after the initial ECC project flopped, approximately half the coins were lost when the exchange went out of business. This means the circulating supply is actually HALF of 25 billion. About 12-13 Billion according to the community. This means if Coinmarketcap displays a market cap of $55 million, the real market cap is about $28 million, meaning there’s a lot more room for gains.

Now, The bad News About ECC

So if this coin is so amazing, why is the price so cheap and the market cap so low?

I believe the number one reason ECC hasn’t mooned (yet) is because it’s only on one exchange right now (and it’s a shitty one most people don’t know about). ECC is only available on

However, I believe ultimately this is good news because it’s an opportunity to accumulate ECC for dirt cheap. Once ECC hits a bigger exchange like Binance or Kucoin, the price will no doubt 3-5x.

Again, the reason ECC is on a low-key exchange right now is the developers are focused on making a solid coin, not making immediate profit. ICOs have no problem paying 6 figures for a guaranteed listing, then leave their investors in the dust when the prices start dropping because there is no development progress.

I believe it’s only a matter of time before ECC gets listed on a big exchange like Binance, who according to the CEO, is focused on listing legitimate and interesting projects, not hyped ICOs.

The ECC developers have said they are not even considering exchange listings until they have something unique to show for- namely their ANS application. I think this is very likely to happen within the next 6 months when the ANS application is complete.

At the very least, the community will no doubt push to get ECC listed on a mid tier exchange like Kucoin, Cryptopia or Bibox after they are done accumulating.


Here are main points of why I think ECC will 50x by the end of the year:

  • Legitimate technology – side chains offers a very realistic solution to the scaling problem most blockchains experience. Will be a very strong contender to ARDR ($1 Billion market cap) in coming months.
  • Market cap is still low – MCap is $55 million and $28 million if you discount the lost coins. 50x would bring total market cap to $1.4 billion- about the same market cap of Siacoin which has less features than ECC
  • Sub penny pricing – Right now, you can get ECC for less than a penny. Although price doesn’t ultimately matter because it depends on supply, newbie investors love low-priced coins. With investing app Robinhood’s cryptocurrency waiting list growing past 1 million customers who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, the new blood will flock to cheap coins, as we’ve seen in every bull cycle. This alone can drive up the price 2-3x from here.
  • Community driven coin- no ICO. Active team driven by passion, not greed. Very large and active and transparent Slack community.
  • ECC has been completely mined. No new coins will be created thus 0% inflation.
  • Very low key because it’s on a shit exchange. Once it hits a better exchange, price will instantly jump 3-5x. Perfect time to accumulate right now.

Thanks for reading my opinion on why ECC is the most undervalued cryptocurrency in 2018. And to be perfectly honest, I am a little biased because I’ve spent weeks researching the history of ECC, talking to the developers on Slack, dissecting their tech, and so on.

After all my research and due diligence, I strongly believe ECC is a solid sleeper with potential to 50x in 2018. Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts on ECC or other coins worth checking out in the comments below.


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