How and where to buy Polymath?

Polymath (POLY) is a security token that has the potential to perform better than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

It’s lead by Trevor Koverko, who has been in the cryptocurrency game from the beginning.

It’s also decentralized; developers and attorneys receive rewards for evolving the platform. All investors must be verified before purchasing.

Since POLY is a security token, meaning that it’s based on multi-factor authentication. These types of tokens are some of the most secure on the market, hence the name “security” token.

But since Polymath is an altcoin, it’s not as easy to purchase as giant coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

If you want to get in on the action but aren’t sure how — have no fear. Here’s where and how to buy Polymath.

First, let’s discuss why you should think about investing in a security token to begin with.

Why Invest in Security Tokens?

There are two different types of tokens:

  1. Utility tokens – these tokens provide future access to a product or service. Think of them as a crypto “gift card.”
  2. Security tokens – these tokens serve as a type of investment contract. The main reason for contributors to buy is to get in on future profits, to form revenue share, to benefit from price appreciation, etc.

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If you’re worried that cryptocurrencies might just be a bubble (spoiler alert: they’re not), security tokens can bring a sense of relief to the sometimes volatile trading market.

Some token offerings can also be structured like a donation, where those who give Bitcoin or Ethereum for tokens are seen as charitable contributors.

This method doesn’t provide any legal protection to the investor, though.

However, that isn’t the case with most new coins or Polymath. This structure won’t likely stand as a best-practice method as digital coins grow in popularity.

Security tokens provide some kind of use-value to the buyer. Money goes in, and products or services come out.


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If the value of a token relies on the network instead of the issuer, the token becomes more and more valuable as an investment.


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Some tokens are sold before a product or utility is in place but develop the use value at a later point in time. This applies to most ICOs.

Investors in Polymath can request access to new tokens, receive Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements,  and more.

This brings together all four layers of “The Polymath Stack:”

  1. The Protocol Layer
  2. The Application Layer
  3. The Legal Layer
  4. The Exchange Layer

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These layers increase liquidity, transparency, and compliance for all token holders.

Polymath believes that it’s only a matter of time before the traditional, asset-backed securities wind up using the blockchain technologies of tomorrow.

They’re looking ahead to the future and thinking bigger by integrating private equity and venture capital into an all-in-one, decentralized, secure, and legal platform.

Liquidity is the key, here. Most blockchain securities are scared of giving away too much of their tokens because they don’t want too much regulation from token owners.

Polymath believes that a regulatory-friendly framework will push liquidity forward rather than holding it back.

Their self-sustaining model aims to grow an active, decentralized community, making Polymath the first active security token exchange.

So where can you buy it?

Where Can you Buy Polymath?

Since you can’t turn U.S. dollars into Polymath right now, you’ll need to start with Bitcoin purchased from Coinbase (or another Bitcoin exchange).

(If you sign up with Coinbase using our link, you’ll get $10 of free Bitcoin!)

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Then, you can use it to buy POLY on KuCoin or IDEX exchanges.

If you want, you can obtain wallet software right from the Polymath Network.

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You might also want a hardware wallet to store your coins on, but we’ll get to that later.

Here’s how to get Polymath directly from the Polymath Network.

Getting Polymath from Polymath Network

If you want to use the Polymath network directly, you’ll have full access to the self-sustaining platform.

If you’re a coin Issuer, you can create a security token and add in issuance details.

Then, Polymath will use a smart contract and a “Create-A-Security-Token Wizard” to help you get your coin up and running in minutes.

Just click “Create” on their site to get started entering in your company details.

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Once Polymath collects some basic data about your company, you’ll be able to tell them the type of investors you’re looking for, along with your desired location.

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You can also decide whether you want investors to be accredited or not.

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Then, your request will be reviewed.

Overall, Polymath aims to do what Ethereum did for ICOs for security token projects.

Here’s how you can buy Polymath using an exchange like KuCoin.

How to Use KuCoin to Buy Polymath

First, head to the KuCoin website and click “Sign up.”

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Complete the sign-up process by entering your email and password.

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Once you hit “Next,” you should receive a confirmation email with a link. Click on the link to log into your new KuCoin account.

From here, it’s a good idea to enable two-factor authentication for an added layer of security on your account. Go to the settings tab and click “Google 2-Step” to get started.

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Link your Google Authenticator account if you have one. If you don’t, download the app for Android or iOS and create one.

Then, every time you log in to your KuCoin account, you’ll have to insert the code generated by Google Authenticator in addition to your password.

These codes change every minute, making it much harder for hackers to get into your account.

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Next, focus your attention on depositing funds into your KuCoin account.

The market overview screen shows all available trading pairs. Well-known, popular coins are listed here, as well as rare or new coins.

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Once you select the trading pair of your choice, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can view more details of the coin and place an order.

In the top menu of the site, click the tab called “Assets.” Then, click “Deposit.”

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Once you’ve found the coin you want to deposit, add your wallet address and click “Confirm.”

A newly generated wallet that belongs to KuCoin should come up. Each wallet is different for each coin, so you need to make sure that you enter the wallet address correctly.

Send the coins you want to deposit to this address.

Once you’ve deposited some coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you’re ready to trade. Select your desired trade pair to begin.

In the example below, we want to trade Bitcoin or POLY. Select the POLY/BTC pair market. Then, you’ll be sent to this page:

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On the right, you can view previous trades that have been made on the specific market you’re viewing.

An orderbook is located below that, but you must be logged in to use it. This is where you can enter the desired price and amount of POLY that you want to purchase.

Open orders appear to the left. Above your open orders, a chart showing the price history of the coin you’re interested in is also shown.

To buy, set your desired price or total desired amount of POLY. The total BTC or ETH (cost) will be converted and displayed next to “volume.”

Trade fees should appear here, too.

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Click “Buy,” confirm your order, and you’re done!

Here’s how you can use the IDEX exchange to purchase Polymath.

How to Use IDEX to Buy Polymath

To begin, make sure to connect your wallet to IDEX and deposit funds into your account.

Next, head to the market that you want to trade on.

If you want to place a limit order, enter the price you want to buy/sell for and the total amount that you want to sell.

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Once you’ve entered in these fields, click the “Buy” button. You’ll receive a notification that informs you of the order you just completed.

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If you’re using MetaMask or Ledger, you have to approve the limit order there before it will be complete.

You can view the status of your trade by clicking on “Orders” and “Trade History.”

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If your trade hasn’t been sent off yet, it will say “Pending.”

If your trade is waiting to be mined, the order should read “Processing.” You can click to view the transaction at this point.

If your order has been completed, it will say “Complete.”

Now you’ve bought Polymath. But where should you store it?

Where Can You Store Polymath?

Choosing a wallet that works best for you and your trading goals isn’t as complicated as you might think.

Since POLY is an ERC20 token, you can use MyEtherWallet for storage.

But an online wallet, also known as a “hot wallet,” doesn’t always provide the best security. If someone hacks the site, you can kiss your coins goodbye.

That’s why you might want to use a hardware wallet for cold storage to increase your security, like Nano Ledger S, Coinigy, or Trezor.

These wallets store your private keys and tokens offline and out of the hands of hackers.


Polymath is a wildly innovative security token that rewards its developers, attorneys, and investors for improving the platform.

It’s also decentralized; developers and attorneys receive rewards for evolving the platform. All investors must be verified before purchasing.

Since Polymath is a security token, it’s based on multi-factor authentication that utility tokens just don’t have.

Security tokens provide real, promised value to investors. Your money goes in, products and services come out.

And with POLY, your investment is protected through The Polymath Stack.

You can buy Polymath by trading another coin, like Bitcoin, for it on a supporting exchange. You can also get Polymath from the Polymath Network if you want to create your own token.

Just enter a few company details and information about your desired type of investor, and you’ll be well on your way to having your own security tokens in no time.

You can use KuCoin or IDEX to buy Polymath. Create an account, fund it with coins from an outside wallet, and trade those coins for POLY by choosing your desired trading pair.

Be sure to store your POLY in a safe place. Online wallets are popular, but hardware wallets are safer. You wouldn’t want someone stealing all of that hard-earned crypto.

If you want in on Polymath, what are you waiting for now?

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