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What Is Crypto Chill?

Crypto Chill is a resource run by me, Jamie Lee, to share proven strategies for investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I simplify all the info so non-techies can easily understand this fascinating and lucrative space.

Who is Jamie Lee – And How Does He Know About This Stuff?

I’m a serial entrepreneur in my late 20’s.

After making my first million dollars from digital advertising in 2015, I started looking into investment options.

I started dabbling in traditional investments – IRA, real estate, stock, and even brick and mortar business.

I had heard about Bitcoin but never thought of it as being a real investment.

I only knew of it as “weird internet money” associated with the underground markets, hackers and scams.

Yet when, Virgin Airlines, Expedia, New Egg, WordPress and thousands of other companies started accepting Bitcoin, I started to pay attention.

I was still too chicken to actually buy any. The price was way too volatile.

Bitcoin price would sometimes jump up a huge 20-30% in just a few days, only to crash back down a week later.

It wasn’t until early 2017 when I invested my first dollar into crypto.

All it took was a conversation with a friend who I really respected. He had been buying since 2012 and was now sitting on millions of dollars in crypto assets.

He educated me on immutable nature of Bitcoin, comparing it to gold yet more secure and easier to transfer.

The deflationary nature of Bitcoin means no one can simply “print more Bitcoins” as governments were doing with paper money and causing economic crisis.

And the rapid growth in Bitcoin price and trading volume indicated the world is finally waking up to this improved form of currency- and it’s not going anywhere.

So I bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum with no expectations, investing no more than what I could afford to lose.

Yet within months, my cryptocurrency portfolio quickly surpassed all my other investments.

I was amazed as my portfolio grew… 50%… 100%… then 200% and beyond.

I knew cryptocurrencies were here to stay.

Is It Too Late To Start Buying Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

Nope. Not at all.

Bitcoin may seem expensive now but this is only the beginning. People were calling Bitcoin “a bubble”, “overpriced”, “a scam” since it started gaining mainstream attention in 2011.

Yet we are still only at the beginning of the revolution. Most of the population still have not even heard of Bitcoin.

I’ve made a lot of money in my life by identifying and jumping on trends. It’s how I was able to build a successful 8-figure digital advertising company in my early 20’s.

I focused solely on mobile advertising while my competitors were still targeting desktop users.

I didn’t do anything amazing or special. I simply jumped on the mobile trend.

Now, I see cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology another massive trend with an enormous upside.

Yes the market is wildly volatile. And no one knows for sure whether the bubble will “pop”.

Some experts, such as Bill Gates, John McafeeJeremy Liew say Bitcoin is not a bubble at all. And the price can easily reach $500,000 per coin in the near future.

Either way, I’ve developed a cryptocurrency investment strategy that maximizes the upside and protects against the downside.

It’s made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few months alone. And when the markets are down and there’s blood on the streets, my portfolio is positive overall.

Bubble or not, one thing is for sure: ordinary people are making small fortunes by jumping on the cryptocurrency trend.

The only question is… will you?

Why am I sharing this info?

It’s simple.

Investing in cryptocurrencies has changed my life and I want to share what I know with the rest of world.

The more people know about cryptocurrencies, the greater the chance of mainstream adoption and bringing power back into the hands of people.

I personally know families who lost almost everything during the economic meltdown in Cyprus in 2012, all thanks to greedy governments and banks.

Most people think they’ll never experience an economic crisis in their lifetime, yet it happens over and over again throughout history.

Plus, my friends are constantly asking me for advice on how to invest, which coins to buy, how to keep their wallet safe, and so on.

So I figured I’d start this blog to share my thoughts and insights on the fascinating (and lucrative) world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Welcome to Crypto Chill.

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